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If you are in search of a truly compelling destination for permanent residency, look no further than Mauritius. This beautiful island offers not only a tropical paradise but also numerous fiscal benefits and a modern, inclusive environment that make it an incredibly attractive place to call home.
Mauritius has recently become an even more enticing option for those considering a move. With daily flights from London Gatwick courtesy of Air Mauritius, connectivity has never been better. Post-Brexit, Mauritius’ visa offer is increasingly appealing, especially as European destinations roll back their golden visa schemes.
For property buyers, Mauritius presents a highly lucrative opportunity. With a minimum investment of $375,000 on a property, residency is granted to the owner, their spouse, and children up to 24 years old. This policy has already drawn a significant number of UK nationals, with 1,198 residence permits issued from 2014 to 2022, 11% of which were for retirees.

The island’s Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) has caused a property boom, with new opportunities now emerging, such as West Bay on the West Coast of the Island. The project offers 8 meticulously designed apartments and 3 luxurious penthouses, each exuding an aura of sophistication and comfort. Additionally, a communal leisure area and rooftop swimming pool, offer a perfect escape for relaxation and social gatherings. There are extremely attractive tax benefits for residents who live on the island for at least 183 days a year, which include no taxes on dividends, capital gains, wealth, or inheritance.
Whether you are in search of luxury and nature or a blend of sustainable living options, projects like West Bay offer a lifestyle that integrates residential properties with working farms and schools, all while ensuring a balance between development and nature preservation.

With just a three-hour time difference from the UK, a 15% corporation tax, and exemptions from customs duties and VAT on imported goods, living in Mauritius is not only feasible but incredibly appealing. Add in the 2,900 hours of sunshine annually, stunning natural landscapes, and a serene, nature-centric lifestyle, and it’s clear that Mauritius is an incredibly attractive place to call home.

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